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GENFIN is a proudly South African business that supports business owners to get things done. We understand the complexities involved in running a business and want to make access to business funding as easy as possible.

Business funding up to R5 million

Opportunity Bridge Loan

90 days no repayment

This is a perfect business funding solution for when your business needs a cash injection for a short-term need or opportunity.

  • Access to cash flow without any immediate repayments
  • Only start the repayment of your funding after 90 days 
  • After 90 days you can settle your funding capital plus an all-in interest of 10% Or you can convert your Bridge loan facility to a short-term funding facility repayable over a 13-month period.

Large Business Loan

12 Months repayment

A convenient longer-term funding solution that allows your business to operate efficiently with less impact on your monthly cash flow.

  • Repay the funding over 12 months with fixed instalments
  • Refinance and unlock additional capital
  • No penalty fees if you settle early

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