How to scale a business that’s working

Business growth is an antidote to uncertain times. When your company is not growing, it’s stalling. And a stalled boat is powerless in a storm. But setting your business up for sustainable growth requires careful investment. How can business funding be applied to achieve the best possible result? New investment is most effectively applied when a company is ready. Scaling a framework that is already working maximises your business loan’s potential to earn.

Man and woman talking in large warehouse

The first step to putting your business loan to work in all the right places is asking the right questions. While not always easy, it helps to identify the weaknesses and potential pitfalls unique to your business. It also sets the groundwork for pragmatic growth goals based on actual scenarios. Do you have the resources to increase supply? Can your invoicing and accounts receivable handle a hike in sales? Is your distribution chain able to absorb an increase in orders? Can your customer service channels handle higher volumes of enquiries? 

At this point, it helps to consider how a business loan can elevate every aspect of your business, especially investments in technology or automation. Look at each process individually and consider the ripple effect it has across your business. It leaves room to isolate challenges, identify opportunities, and build a solid foundation for growth.

Technically speaking

Before you scale, consult with an infrastructure architect to review how a business loan can improve your servers and software integrations, including CRM, ERP, SCM, PLM, and payment systems. A responsive IT infrastructure empowers your business to absorb quick decisions, including plugging new staff, product lines, or software into the system without frustrating consequences. Sustainable business growth is all about making continuous improvements. A proactively managed IT infrastructure not only prevents cyber threats but also enables your business to monitor and enhance productivity. It’s the golden thread that binds together all the moving parts of your company.

Create, standardise, repeat

Scalable processes are key to building a growing business. Standard procedures help a business increase output without compromising quality, from increasing production to training new staff. It ensures that a business can scale across locations with a consistent product or service. The first step to mobilising truly scalable processes is to assess every detail of your current procedures, including the cost, time, and resources that go into it. Scaling with broken processes is setting yourself up for failure. Identify areas for improvement and automate where possible. It will ensure your business loan is backing procedures that work.

Automate and streamline

Business owners have unprecedented access to technology and tools that automate arduous tasks and connect different parts of the business. Among countless benefits, automation reduces costly errors, increases productivity, and saves time. It paves the way for a seamless growth journey. Automation empowers business owners to make better decisions faster by putting vital information at their fingertips. It also enables them to deploy business funding when and where it matters. For instance, cloud accounting tools integrate with bank accounts to serve up real-time financial information, and digital invoicing keeps track of real-time income. Automated marketing platforms make it easier than ever to reach customers and digest real-time feedback.

Connect and collaborate

Effective communication and collaboration between team members are a prerequisite for business growth. A business loan can fund any of the vast selection of collaboration tools that help companies boost productivity. In most cases, collaboration tools bypass the manual distribution of information to save valuable time. For instance, real-time editing software means multiple people can work on the same document to get the job done faster. It bypasses time-consuming editing, distribution, and approval processes. Other collaboration tools enable people across departments to easily communicate and assign tasks. These invaluable tools improve transparency, accountability, and productivity. It creates a working environment that works.

It’s easy with GENFIN

Scaling a business before you earn a profit can be daunting. It’s important to choose an affordable business funding solution that does not jeopardise your cash flow. GENFIN’s flexible credit model and generous terms empower entrepreneurs to act on their goals without putting their businesses at risk. Our goal is to give your business the best possible chance of achieving sustainable growth. That’s why our business loans don’t tie you into fixed costs or early settlement penalties.

Opportunity Bridge Loan

Release up to R5 million with a 90-day repayment grace period.

Large Business Loan

Release up to R5 million paid over 12 to 24 months.

Small Business Loan

Release up to R500,000 paid over 6 to 12 months.

Get started with 12 months’ business bank statements only. Our no-fuss digital application process fast-tracks credit decisions. Once all your documentation has been submitted, you’ll receive an offer in 24 hours.

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