Our loan affiliate programs can provide extra income

Our loan affiliate programs can be beneficial to you, both financially and by preserving and expanding your personal client relationships. Being a loan affiliate for Genfin means that you will be rewarded for each client that is successfully converted by us through your own marketing or referral efforts. We offer a competitive referral fee structure, with same day payment that the loan is paid to your referral.

For each successfully referred customer that results in an approved loan, you will receive:

Where loans are structured with an upfront fee:

10% of the interest levied on the first loan granted

5% of the interest levied on the second loan granted to the same client

Where loans are structured without an upfront fee (such as a bridging agreement), we do not know our final revenue until settlement of the loan and as such we offer:

0.5% of the capital advanced to the client

With both structures, referral fees are paid upfront simultaneously with the advance of the capital to the client. We do not claw back any referral fees in the unfortunate event of default on the loan. We do place a cap on the referral fee of R60,000 per approved loan. As such, you can earn as much as R120,000 per client.

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We urge people working in professional and corporate industries to consider becoming a loan affiliate for Genfin.

How does it work?

Registering to be part of Genfin’s loan affiliate programs, is convenient and can be personally rewarding.

First, you should register by filling in an online registration, or calling us on 087 6544 300.

Next, our head of business development will enter into a loan affiliate agreement with you and you will receive an authorised affiliate number and a user account to our lead provider portal.  Through this portal, you can complete an application form on behalf of your referral.  We will reach out to the client and take the application forward.

The lead provider portal will further allow you to see a real time status of your referrals application as well as revenue share paid to you.

You will receive your referral payment on the same day that your referral’s loan is paid out.

If you are interested in earning more through Genfin, register online.

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