Small Business Loan


R100k - R500k


6 - 12 months


Trading history of 1+ years

Company annual turnover of R1M+

Flexible short-term funding

The original short-term product which combines the best elements from both traditional and alternative funding options into a flexible, effective and affordable facility for your business. 

How does a small business loan work?

Graphic illustrating a blue outlined calendar

Fixed instalments

You can repay the loan over 6 or 12 months with fixed instalments.

R symbol in a cog and arrows indicating direction


Flexibility to deposit and withdraw excess capital during loan term.

hand with coins falling into it


You have the ability to refinance and unlock additional capital.

image of a blue outlined clock showing time with a outlined coin with R on the front

Early Settlement

There are no early settlement penalties.

How much will a Small Business Loan cost you?

Loan Amount?

100 000.00
500 000.00

Repayment period?

Total Cost:


The above interest rates and repayments are indicative and may vary based on the final credit scoring of your business.

You can settle your business finance as early as you like, and you will only pay for the period that the loan was active.

We charge interest on your outstanding business fund balance over the actual life of the funding. 


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